“Terry Laughlin, Founder of Total Immersion, Passes Away at 66”

Tang and Terry


We are saddened to hear of Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin’s passing.

Terry has fought a beautiful battle against metastatic prostate cancer, but has unfortunately succumbed in the end. He leaves behind an incredible legacy of creating a revolutionary swim technique that has changed the lives of millions of swimmers all over the world, enabling them to reach for their dreams.

Our Master Coach Tang has personally experienced his own life being enriched by Terry’s teaching and kindness, being constantly inspired by this great man to introduce innovation and heart into the teaching of this amazing technique.

It is with great reluctance we bid farewell to a legend and a giant of our time, a champion of swimming as an enjoyable sport and yet powerful way to better lives.

We wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to Terry’s family; our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of grieving.

If Terry or Total Immersion has touched and changed your lives, do leave your condolence messages at our facebook post . We will be consolidating these for Terry’s family and TI Central to remember how Terry has made a difference to so many from around the world.