Complete Swimmer Award (CSA) Program

Our teachings are to nurture and train water-safety skills and habits, while teaching children to swim intelligently and gracefully.

This 10 modules course is designed for children age 4 years and above to be taught in the skills of water-safety and the art of swimming independently. Classes are taught in groups of no more than 7 with a permanent swim teacher attached to the same class through out the module. From modules 4 and above, classes would be extended from 1.0 hr to 1.5 hr, inclusive of weekly run programs.

Learning to swim is not just about staying afloat and moving aimlessly forward in the water. We believe in a dynamic program that nurtures an interest in the child for this sport of swimming while keeping fit, meeting new friends and most importantly, learn of the many water-safety skills for the ability to swim independently with grace and efficiency.

Our program aims to stretch a child in his or her ability, while giving attention to each unique child that learns differently. Our years of records have shown the many successes that we have achieved with the children; and still doing today.

Interest for Swim Class

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Progressive Modules Available

Module 1 – Basic Water Confidence

This module is designed for the younger children or for those who holds the fear towards water to overcome it. The aim is to build confidence by the teachings of multiple assisted floating techniques and safety skills in the water. Basic techniques of forward propulsion like basic flutter kick and breaststroke kick would be introduced. A child would gain the confidence to moving around in the water independently by means like jumping jack, with supervision, while having the enthusiasm to want to learn and swim more.

Module 2 – Advanced Water Confidence & Basic Kicking

This second module is a progression of Module 1 in building water confidence and furthering the water safety skills of the child. Techniques of breath management and advanced unassisted floating techniques would be taught. More importantly, more comprehensive skills of forward propulsion like the back balance or prone balance flutter kicks with the hand lead breaststroke kicks, and back balance-lifesaving back among other drills would be taught. A child would be accustomed to be swim for at least 10 m in deep waters after this module.

Module 3 – Fishlike Breaststroke & Advanced Kicking

Focus of this module is to teach the four basic balancing drills for the swim strokes and two techniques of kicking for the lifesaving strokes. These exciting techniques include backstroke represented by lengthen the vessel, skating for freestyle, body dolphin for butterfly, head lead breaststroke kick for breaststroke, scissors kick for sidestroke, and lifesaving back kick for lifesaving backstroke. Concurrently, surface dive and treading of water would be introduced

Module 4 – Fishlike Freestyle

This is uniquely architected for the most effective means of learning freestyle through the Fishlike teaching methods. This would teach the child advanced freestyle drills to eventually swim a graceful yet powerful freestyle for at least 50 m. Previous swim techniques of the breaststroke would also be revised and improved to allow the student to not just swim in the pool but out in the open sea confidently. An additional fitness training program of weekly runs would be included to improve the child’s aerobic fitness.

Module 5 – Fishlike Lifesaving Strokes

Designed to inculcate lifesaving techniques to the child, this module teaches the child to swim the lifesaving backstroke and sidestroke. Additionally, the child would be trained in the basic skills of towing a victim with and without an aid, being able to keep afloat by treading water for at least 4 min, and making a float with a long sleeve shirt or pants in open waters. An additional challenge posted by the school is for the child to utilise the skills and fitness trained in the previous modules to complete a Biathlon race within this module.

Module 6 – Fishlike Backstroke

A more advanced competitive backstroke technique would be taught in this module. This is taught through the Fishlike Backstroke drills by breaking the essential techniques into manageable portions for perfection. Further building and training for fitness would also continue. At the end of this module, the child should be able to run a 2.2 km and swim 400 m in open water less than 14 min respectively.

Module 7 – Fishlike Butterfly

This module is designed to inculcate all possible swim skills to the child, including the advanced Fishlike Butterfly. The child should be familiar and confident in swimming the butterfly for at least 50 m, along with the other swim techniques taught in previous modules. A further challenge by the school is to have the child experience the exciting sport of Triathlon. Taking up this challenge would not just improve a child’s fitness, but also builds his or her confidence and character.

Module 8 – Starts & Turns

This module would teach all the techniques of starts and turns to the child. This includes the survival plunge into water from a height of 4 m, and the competitive starts and turns for the freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. The aim is to incorporate these skills seamlessly into the child’s swim.

Module 9 – Individual Medley & Lifesaving Individual Medley

This is designed to teach the child to maintain his or her fitness with all the Fishlike strokes learnt in the previous modules. Passing criteria for this module are: the ability to plunge in and swim 200 m individual medley within 5.30 min according to FINA rules, and plunge in and swim 200 m lifesaving individual medley within 6.0 min.

Module 10 – Graduation

  1. Complete 750m Freestyle swimming under 22mins.
  2. Complete Swim Golf for 50metres for Freestyle under 105.


Interest for Swim Class

or call us directly at 6583 3031 / 90690680 for further enquiries.