Especially For FISHLIKE Students Who Have Completed LEVEL 2

Have You Been Wanting To Improve Your Swim Stroke But simply have a HARD TIME Fitting A WEEKLY Swim Class Into Your Busy Schedule?

We now have a totally FLEXIBLE SYSTEM where you will only need to pay when you come for class!  Gone are the times when you need to PAY even when YOU HAVE TO MISS classes.  As we have a few classes running in a week, you can always choose another day of the week to attend.

The purpose of the WEEKLY SWIM CLUB CLASSES are for our LEVEL 2 graduates to review and improve on your swim strokes.  Some examples of what you can look forward to LEARN AND IMPROVE are:

1) Your body rotation

2) Your switch timing

3) How to breath more effortlessly

4) Your 2 beat kick

5) High elbow anchoring to improve propulsion for the stroke

6) Pacing and gear shifting in swimming so that you can swim 20% faster

7) Intro to tempo trainer set to achieve speed without training harder

8) Open water skills, drafting, sighting, turn around the buoy, water and beach starts

9) Basic streamline push off and open turns

These are just some areas that we will cover.  We HAVE MORE!

From January 2016, our Swim Club classes will be conducted on every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

You simply pick a day as your main class and whenever you attend the class, you pay for it.  When you are unable to attend the class, you can choose to go to another class in that week.  If you are simply too busy that week, you can skip it all together and you will not be charged for missing the class!



1a) For Beginners & 1st time joiners to our Swim Club, you may purchase our STARTER PACK at S$200.  This pack comes with a block of 4 coupons (1 coupon/class)

b) For Intermediate & Advanced students, you may purchase a block of 12 coupons at S$600

2) Select your preferred day for training and attend whenever you are able to

3) Download our pay as you use application via

4) Utilize 1 coupon (via morerewards) for every class you attend

4) Come 24th February 2016, be a part of the FISHLIKE MEMBERSHIP* that costs only S$10/month


Day Time Location
Every Tuesday 7.30pm-9.30pm Oxley Bizhub2 Swimming Pool
Every Thursday 7pm-9pm Queenstown Swimming Pool
Every Saturday 8.30am – 10.30am Sentosa Tanjong Beach
Every Sunday 4pm-6pm Osim Headquarters Swimming Pool


Tuesday classes are suitable for Beginners and L2 graduates who:-

– want to change and fine tune die-hard habits. We will be focusing on drills.

– are able to swim at least 50 m freestyle to 200 m freestyle


Thursday classes are suitable for Advanced TI swimmers who are:-

– Strong swimmers with good stroke. Able to swim 1500 m under 45 min.

– Able to swim 500 m without break effortlessly.


Saturday classes are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced TI swimmers who:

– attended at least 1 open water clinic.

– can swim freestyle 200 m in pool comfortably and comfortable in deep water.


Sunday classes are suitable for Intermediate TI swimmers who:-

– can swim at least 200 m non stop effortlessly the TI way.



– Please note that we need a minimum 2 students to start a class.

– We will have different coaches to attend to different swimmers for the Saturday open water swim club.

– We cover a different topic every week. However, we may repeat same topics should we feel that it would benefit the student. depending on student progress.

– At the end of every month, there will be a Long swim for open water club at an interesting venue.

– At the end of every month, there will be a 500m time trial for the Thursday Swim Club.

– At the last Thursday of March, June, Sep and Dec, there will be a time trial of 1500m.

*Fishlike membership starts officially on 24th February 2016.


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