Level 1 – Freestyle Mastery Discovery

Your very first step to transforming your freestyle swim through Total Immersion.

During the Freestyle Mastery Discovery course, you will learn about the basic fundamentals of a Total Immersion Freestyle Technique. It will involve a logical shift in your previous swimming knowledge and you will feel your freestyle transforming into an effortless swim stroke.

This course will focus mainly on the fundamentals of Total Immersion Freestyle, without focusing on breathing or kicking as our previous students have found that they do better when there are lesser focal points to work with during this course.

One of the aims of this course is to re-introduce you to your body and to create a mindfulness and awareness within you of your surroundings and how your body interacts with water. And, this will be your very first step to transforming your freestyle swim.

Who This Is For:

  • Swimmers who know how to swim Freestyle and want to become more efficient – swim further, swim faster, with lesser effort
  • Swimmers who know how to swim breaststroke and basic flutter kick for 10m – and want to learn the most efficient freestyle method available and forming the right habits right from the start

What You Can Expect In Level 1:

• 8 hours class
• Includes: Video Analysis
• Free Gift: Swim Cap, Dry-fit Graduation T-shirt
• Freestyle Mastery Discovery Certificate upon graduation

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What is a Video Analysis?

Having yourself filmed while swimming and then watching the video with certified TI coaches is an effective and time-saving ‘first step’ to becoming a better swimmer.

1. Film you above and below the water swimming naturally your usual way for 25m, or (if you’re very new to swimming) just whatever you can do. This is a baseline record of where you are right now.

2. Hop you out onto the side to view your video with our certified TI coach. He will show you what you are doing within your natural freestyle stroke, point out where you are swimming inefficiently together with suggestions on how to correct and improve your strokes, TI way.

After this video analysis, you will be able to map out with the coach an appropriate course of action plan to improve your swimming, depending on your objectives.


What you will experience in class:

Duration Topics
Lesson 1 2 hours Introduction to Total Immersion and its principles.Introduction to three key features of Effortless Total Immersion Freestyle:

  • Core Balance
  • Weight Shift
  • Propulsion

Video Analysis

Lesson 2 2 hours Introduction to the use of swim snorkelsDive Deep into:

  • Core Balance
  • Weight Shift
Lesson 3 2 hours Dive Deep into:

  • Weight Shift
  • Propulsion
Lesson 4 2 hours Recap of the three key features of Effortless Total Immersion FreestyleTestGraduation


Beginner swimmers, new freestyle swimmers or those with less background in swimming can still take part in these classes. However, you may require more lessons on top of the 9 hours as scheduled in the usual Level 1. We do our very best to ensure that the swimmers of similar ability will be grouped together for the most efficient results.

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Upcoming Freestyle Mastery Discovery class schedules

Each class is limited to just 4 – 6 swimmers. This will allow our coaches to give you the ample attention and time, allowing you to improve as a class and as a swimmer.

You can choose to start your own group class at a Time and Location suited to your needs, if you have can gather a total of 4 to 6 friends.

If you are keen to learn about the latest class schedules, please call us at +6565833031/ +6590690680 or simply ‘Indicate Interest Here’.

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or call us directly at 6583 3031/ 90690680  for further enquiries.