Level 3 – Easy Freestyle Mastery

• Part 1: Easy Freestyle Workshop (15 hours)
• Part 2: Fishlike Triathlon Swimming Series (FTSS) Module 1A
(10 pool sessions; 2 open water sessions)
• Includes: Ebook “Outside the Box”
• Free Gift: Dry-fit Graduation T-shirt
• Have to pass Kaizen Module 1A (Time Trial)
• Easy Freestyle Mastery

Interest for Swim Class

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Part 1: Easy Freestyle Workshop

If the balancing and introductory workshops and tutorials have motivated you to do better than what you already can, or have given you the hope to fulfill your formerly ‘impossible’ dream of being able to swim effortlessly and gracefully, this workshop is for you. TI EFWS has been known to inspire swimmers of all levels to perform beyond individual expectations.

As long as you have the determination, perseverance, and open-mindedness to improve, TI EFWS would empower you the skills for undreamt of fulfillment in swimming. Such skills include:

• Active fish
• Spear switch sequence
• Advance breathing technique
• Two beat kick
• High elbow anchoring
• Whole stroke
• Introduction to stroke counting, stroke rate and gear shifting in swimming
• Introduction to tempo trainer set to work on speed and pacing
• Open water skills; drafting, sighting, turns around the buoy, beach starts
• Basic streamline push off and open turns

Results to work for:

After this workshop, you can be sure to see yourself swim unlike many non-TI swimmers. Although results may vary from swimmer to swimmer due to different receptivity for the new concepts, or the ability to ingrain the new skills learnt into habits by amount of practices; TI EFWS would make you see swimming from a different perspective by swimming intelligently and more effortlessly.

Do not expect to be a lot fitter than before, but be prepared to swim faster and smoother than before learning the skills. TI EFWS would allow you to discover the joy of Fishlike swimming and the benefits of doing so.

Part 2: 3 months Fishlike Triathlon Swimming Series (FTSS)

• 10 pool sessions, 2 hours and 2 open water sessions, 1.5 hours
• Have to pass Kaizen Module 1A (Time Trial)

Interest for Swim Class

or call us directly at 6583 3031 for further enquiries.