Level 4 – Kaizen Freestyle Mastery

• 3 year FTSS (48 sessions/year)
• Includes: Dry-fit Graduation T-shirt
• Kaizen Freestyle Mastery

Kaizen Swimming Workshop (Short Term)
• Module 1-A/B/C (8 hours)
• Module 2-A/B/C (8 hours)
• Module 3-A/B/C (8 hours)

Interest for Swim Class

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This workshop is especially tailored for swimmers who are from overseas with limited stay in Singapore or those who are working overseas and come back to Singapore only for a short period. It is a condensed Fishlike Triathlon Swimming Series workshop conducted over 8 hours. We will provide them with tools to bring home to practice.

They will undergo a test every 3 months to assess their skill improvement and increase their swim distance and stroke efficiency from:

Module 1A(250m) to 1B(500m) to 1C(750m) to
Module 2A(1000m) to 2B(1250m) to 2C(1500m) to
Module 3A(2000m) to 3B(2500m) to 3C(3000m)

Please refer to appendix 1 for stroke efficiency test requirement for each module
• Module 1 (3 months)
• Module 2 (6 months)
• Module 3 (6 months)

Swim Smooth, Not Hard

Being an experienced school in the field of triathlon swim trainings, we have designed a unique style and approach towards this sport. Adapted from many proven techniques and ideas, we formulated a concise and effective coaching series where Fishlike Aquatic School differs from conventional training coaches to enforce skills and techniques. Here we concentrate on intense, focused training rather than swimming endless laps.

Fundamentally, we teach one to swim intelligently by having the water assisting an athlete rather than resisting him. This eventually turns all swims to be an efficient, elegant and beautiful display of power and speed.

Divided into 3 modules with progressive levels of training, this revolutionize freestyle swim series encompass the essence of Total Immersion (TI) and other swim technique all rolled up in one. Adapted for faster and more efficient learning, Fishlike Triathlon Swimming SeriesTM (FTSS) would prove to be more beneficial as a means to shorten your swim time while having you fresher out of the water.

Interest for Swim Class

or call us directly at 6583 3031 for further enquiries.