Happy Laps Mastery

Happy Laps Workshop, especially tailored for non-swimmers, is a simplified approach to learn the skills of moving through water easily, comfortably, and so pleasurably that your practice time becomes the healthiest, most rewarding, part of your day.

Refined and enhanced by our coaches, Happy Laps will nurture in you, step by step, a completely fresh way to move through the water. Something you would never experience if you once fear the waters. It consists of 9 hours.

Interest for Swim Class

or call us directly at 6583 3031/ 90690680 for further enquiries.

In 9 hours water session you will be taught the following drills:

  • Relaxation exercise: jelly fish float, mushroom float & etc
  • Push off & Superman glide
  • Breathing technique of Breaststroke
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Superman flutter
  • Basic side balancing skill: Skating


Interest for Swim Class

or call us directly at 6583 3031 / 90690680 for further enquiries.