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Highly-Acclaimed “Total Immersion” Swim Coach Reveals Powerful ABS Propulsion Method That Helps You Swim Freestyle Further, Faster With Less Effort In 3 Hours Or Less Even If You Currently Get Breathless After Just 10 Meters!

Discover how more than 2,000 freestyle swimmers all over the world have easily corrected their chronic problems such as breathlessness, sinking legs and exerting way too much energy, so they could achieve their personal bests, even get podium finishes in triathlon races, or simply just to enjoy swimming better without feeling sore afterwards.

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Hi, fellow swimmers!

My name is FISH TANG

I’m probably best known as one of the only 18 TI (Total Immersion) Master Coaches in the world and a fully certified Level 1 triathlon coach by International Tri Union (ITU), who has helped thousands of swimmers transform and perfect their swim techniques to achieve their swim goals.


You may even have heard, seen or read about me in various local and overseas media such FM93.8 live, 98.8FM, Shape Magazine, Ezyhealth & Beauty Magazine, One Magazine (Taiwan), United Daily News (Taiwan), Apple Newsapple (Taiwan) and many others.

Here Are The Biggest Problems That Are Severely Limiting Freestyle Swimmers!

Over my 23 years of coaching thousands of swimmers, from total newbies to Ironman podium finishers and everything in between, I’ve documented a few serious problems that majority of freestyle swimmers are suffering from.

You might also be experiencing the same kind of problems…

  • Acute breathlessness in less than 10 minutes of swimming. Within just minutes from taking your first stroke, you’re gasping for air and fighting for survival. In desperation you might even give up freestyle and change to using breast stroke… or even stand up in the middle of the pool gasping for air.
  • The sinking body and legs phenomena. While some swimmers seem to have “natural buoyancy” and be able to float and glide on the water effortlessly, your body and legs seem to always feel like heavy lead that are dragging you down into the water.You have to move your arms and legs faster, spending a lot more energy just to stay afloat and reach the other end of the pool.
  • The all “flash but no cash” swimming technique – super ineffective “splashing strokes” that sap energy, stamina and in fact, slows you down signficantly.
  • After swimming, instead of feeling energised and rejuvenated, you feel extremely drained and listless, as if your life force was sucked out of you.
  • Worse, the next few days you have to suffer from aching arms, legs and body as the buildup lactic acid is slowly expelling from your system and your body slowly recovers from the mini trauma.

And those are just some of the most common problems most freestyle swimmers tend to experience.

The Typical Reason For This Embarrassing Problem!

The truth is, most freestyle swimmers are doing it wrongly because they didn’t learn it the right way from the start.

They are using the wrong techniques that sabotage their own effort, resulting in a lot of unnecessary friction and drag that sap their energy.

And once they’ve formed the wrong habits based on those wrong techniques, it’s extremely hard to correct. The more they practice, the deeper their bad habits take root.

So they don’t experience any major improvements even after months and years of training…

And even after spending a lot of money on different training programmes or swim schools, they still can’t achieve the swim distance that they want at the speed they want, with the least possible amount of effort.

Because of that I’ve had lots of people who told me that they consciously avoid using freestyle when swimming in front of their friends. They stick to the “safe” breast stroke to hide their embarrassment.

I’ve also had competitive swimmers and triathletes who shared that they are often the first few to jump into the water, but ended up being the last few out of the water… with most of their energy drained out, badly affecting their next leg of the race.

Newsflash! You’re Not Alone!

After more than 30,000 man-hours in the water teaching and creating swim transformation for more than 2,000 swimmers with various levels of experience, I’ve gained rare and valuable insights that can help any swimmer improve their freestyle swimming dramatically within a very short period of time.

It comes down to this core principle for effortless swimming:

Increase Flow State And Reduce Drag

This principle means that instead of working against gravity, like what most swimmers tend to do, you should take advantage of it to maximise your flow state. It’s less about raw power and a lot more about precision…

Precision beats power and timing beats speed.

With this core principle as a base, I developed a highly effective, superior methodology to transform struggling freestyle swimmers to effective and efficient swimmers who can cover longer distances in faster time with much less effort.

Using this powerful methodology I’ve even helped non-swimmers to complete long distance 10 Kilometres swim events without feeling drained.

Introducing The ABS Propulsion Method: The Secret Techniques That’ll Help You Swim Freestyle Further, Faster With Less Effort!

ABS Propulsion method stands for: Awareness, Balance, Streamline and Propulsion.

Let’s take a look at the overview.


Before anything else, you must increase your awareness. You must become hyper aware of your body and your mistakes so you can identify the areas that you need to improve on.


Achieving front and back and side to side balance is crucial to gain stability and natural buoyancy. This means having precise head movements, elbow angles, positioning of your shoulders, hips, ankles, rotation angles and many more.


Streamlining is about achieving the position of least resistance. It’s about moving in the most effective way by reducing drag. When you do this well, you’ll be able to extend your flow state longer and cover more distance with lesser strokes and effort.


This is where you leverage on gravity and use precise timing of arms, body and legs movements, proper weight shift and effective transference of energy to create a kinetic chain that will propel you forward with very little effort.

When you can do this effectively, you can achieve what we call “voodoo speed” – speed that comes effortlessly.



Thousands of freestyle swimmers have transformed the way they swim after learning the ABS Propulsion method.

Swimmers from as young as 5 years old to as old as over 60 years old, from newbies to competitive swimmers, are now swimming further, faster with less effort.

Check Out How These Swimmers Have Benefited!

Nicole Liang, an ex NTU Life Saving Club member

Steve Katz, a swimmer who could complete 1500m in 36mins before joining the course

“The lesson really helped me to focus on the right thing and to swim better with less efforts! Besides, it taught me how to reduce injury as there were times I was doing things wrong and my shoulder hurt.”

Steve Katz, a swimmer who could complete 1500m in 36mins before joining the course International School Teacher

“At first, I didn’t believe that I would improve after the lesson, but surprisingly I was wrong!  I learnt to be more relaxed while swimming, and improved my breathing technique as well. Basically I feel like I am ready to go!”

Aidy Engineer
Arthur Wong


“The lesson taught us how to be relaxed while swimming further and I had a much more pleasant experience in swimming! In my opinion, anyone can come and try it out for their first session and you will feel the difference!”

Arthur Wong Manager

How Exactly Can The ABS Propulsion Method Benefit Me?

Here’s what I will be covering with you in just 3 hours:

  • Discover the 7 secrets to the arm recovery that can help you to swim faster with lesser energy (but don’t worry, this won’t make your arms any bigger at all!)
  • Learn the 4 steps process of the switch timing to swim precise strokes that will boost stroke efficiency by 20%! (You can now cover a much longer distance with the same number of strokes and amount of effort!)
  • How to use your core muscles to reduce arms-legs fatigue AND no longer have sore arms and legs after a swim! (This is the same technique I use to swim from Monday to Sunday without any soreness at all!)
  • Correct and learn the Fishlike breathing technique – this is the one critical factor that makes you stop panting during your swim even when completing long distances!
  • How to use the Kinetic Chain to stop fighting against gravity and create the right “power transfer” instead (This is a swimming formula using Gravity X Weight Shifting X Timing in synergy to let you swim effortlessly)
  • How you can use Relaxation to let the water support you and reduce the “body sinking” problem to glide and swim further. (Hint: The more effort you exert, the more you sink, like in a quick sand. The secret is to do the opposite. Achieve a state of “slack” – less is more!)

In these 3 hours, my small 1-to-6 class ratio will provide you the most personalized coaching session that will give you an insight to your problems and customized advice on the exact areas that you should work on.

On top of helping you become an effective swimmer, these techniques will also give you the ability to tackle marathons, open water & long swim sessions with confidence & finesse!

The best part?

The ABS Propulsion Method is easy to use too!

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Free Video Analysis (worth $29.00) of your personal swim session with us that will show you detailed points of improvements, namely:

  • Your personal problem areas (and how to correct them if they surface again)
  • Individually taken Before-&-After shots (swim strokes, breathing techniques, leg movements etc)
  • Strategic Feedback - we will identify the top 2 areas to improve on to get the best results in shortest possible time

You’ll even get a copy of the video for personal review, which is an additional value of $70.00 at ZERO CHARGE!

“That’s A Lot Of Good Value You’re Offering!
How Much Will This Cost?”

Normally, people are used to spend more than $200+ for many swim lessons and they’ll still not learn the right techniques. They can even spend 10 hours in the water and still continue to make mistakes.

Even normal coaches in the market won’t know these secrets.

However, this unique swim program is only at the low price of just $59.

This is a highly in demand workshop that a lot of swimmers have been asking for. Due to our limited coaches and small class ratio of 1 to 6 to maintain the quality of our coaching, the slots of our workshop fill up very quickly.

So if you want to solve your swimming problem once and for all and enjoy swimming for the rest of your life,

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P.S. Still on the fence?

If you don’t start correcting your swimming technique early, you are further deepening the bad habits which makes it harder for you to correct later.

Can you afford to do so?

Once you learn the techniques we will be sharing in the workshop, you will be able to swim effortlessly thus enjoy swimming even more.

* Especially if you want to do well in Triathlons, you can’t afford not to know this information. Your current methods, if uncorrected, will continue to sap your energy and compromise your triathlon results.

** Or even if you’re just swimming for a hobby, you will need to learn the right techniques to avoid soreness & injury, increase enjoyment and swim effortlessly.

The longer you delay in signing up, the longer your swim issues and habits stay with you. So act now!

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